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December 29, 2013

Foreword by Tej Steiner to On Governance

ist2_2698522-cobblestone-street-texture-at-duskA great work of art.
An invention that changes the course of history.
A revolutionary idea.

All three of these things: the art, the invention and the revolutionary idea have something essential in common. In their own unique way, they each end up changing the very lens through which we perceive life. Historically, they forever alter our perception simply because the artist or the inventor or the inspired thinker brought their work into individual and collective awareness. As art, for example, Michelangelo’s ‘David’ permanently changed our perceptual relationship to the inherent beauty of the physical body and thus of Creation itself. As an invention, the internal combustion engine radically altered our perceptual and physical relationship with time and space. As an idea, political non-violence changed how we see our adversaries in relationship to our own inner longing for justice and peace.

What struck me immediately after opening Franca Baroni’s On Governance is that somehow she may have found a way to combine in one simple book all three of these things at once: a great work of art, a powerful invention and a revolutionary idea. How this book changes the lens through which we see life, depends purely on how it changes your perception as you read it. It has already significantly changed mine.

As a work of art, her prose alone is extraordinary. Like the stone walls of Machu Picchu, the words are so finely crafted and tightly fitted that one word removed, even for a second, would collapse its poetic perfection. Her writing feels inspired, almost channeled, seeped in layer upon layer of meaning. It’s bold, courageous, true and to the point. The following paragraph illustrates both the beauty and meaning infused in all her words.

“In the current Grid, the illuminated mind cannot be accessed, because the path that leads to it—the Heart—is severed and devoid of any legitimacy in the collective systems of governance and law, devoid of legitimacy in the operating systems of our society. Thus, the source that is currently accessed in the building of society is drained of Heart Wisdom, shrunk in its life force, and thus unsustainable.” P. 71

On Governance is also Franca’s invention. It’s an invention in the same way that the Declaration of Independence is an invention. It is a blueprint. A map. A model. A living document that actually shows the way out of the enslaving, mind-dominated system of governance prevalent today into a heart-centered system of governance that is required for our freedom and survival right now. What I found most inspiring about her model is that the book itself is an outcome of her using the model herself. She is modeling how to use the model as if to say: Anything is possible with this blueprint. What you are reading right now is what I have done with it! What do you want to do with it? Your possibilities are infinite. In fact, this model is essentially how to access infinite possibility because that is what true governance ends up being!

This segue ways into the revolutionary new ideas that she offers up as an invitation from her heart to ours. She invites us to change how the collective governs itself by coming out of our own conditioned illusion that we are separate from the collective. We enter this change through joy, stillness and accessing the Unknown; the very things our current system of governance has been created to fear and resist. What is revolutionary here is not that we are in a state of illusion and thus need to wake up. You are already quite familiar with this idea if you are drawn to this book. What’s revolutionary is how she connects individual freedom with collective freedom and that how we govern ourselves is totally determined by that inherent relationship of the one to the other through the reality of connection and Oneness rather than through the mind-distorted lens of separation.

History will decide what it wants to do with this book. I think that it has already chosen it for greatness. However, whether that is true or not is not nearly as important as what you do with it in ‘Yourstory’. There is personal choice woven into these pages. I hope that you find as much inspiration and insight reading them as I have.

Thank you, Franca.

Tej Steiner, 2013

Tej Steiner is a pioneer in the field of spiritual transformation and a master of small group dynamics. This has been his passion and focus for 40 years. He teaches and coaches individuals, couples and organizations. He is the founder of Heart Circles and the Heart Circle Model. He is also the author of The Heart Circle Process: Waking Up
with Everyone Around Us. There are currently Heart Circles in sixteen countries around the world. He lives in Ashland, Oregon.

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