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February 9, 2014

What’s next? …. Is it that important?

unnamedFor those of us interested in or engaged on the collective level, the desire to come up with solutions for the next seven generations, the desire to change the political, economic, legal, environmental games, the desire to create a more sustainable culture is ever present. The many noble quests of the “changing the world” movement however often hold the same consciousness of the world we are seeking to change. The common assumption is: now is not ok so let’s focus on the future – the bumper sticker of a mind-based society.

The beginning of the year it is often a time when we are filled with a drive to change and make this year a better year, and certainly a different year. We ask what is next and by the end of the year we think that the way things are is not enough and so we want change. And we do this year after year, personally and collectively.

“What could be happening next?” is a fundamental question that drives many of us every day in regards to pretty much any topic. Many of our “callings” to change what is are often driven by a surface noble and undercurrent anxious desire to know what is next.

Underneath the politically correct and great looking need to change the world and save what can be saved, there is often an unchallenged resistance and judgment of what is, in short fear. Since we think that the present is not acceptable we naturally invest into our future and hope it will relieve us from the misery of the present situation and the great suffering and injustices in the world.  Our mind gets outraged when challenged in this way because it is righteous in its belief of making a difference by focusing on “changing the world” and “creating “bridges into the next generation”. After all – the mind thinks – it is about the survival of our species!! Bingo.

Yes, it is about survival. Survival is the field of expertise of the mind – in particular when is not connected to the heart: survival is “get the hell out of here and find refuge elsewhere” which is another way to say “reject what is and focus on the future”. In fact, the very desire of “changing the world” is a survival-based illusion of the mind consisting of the resistance to what is and the future.

For eons we have been chasing our tail by wanting to bring about “world change” applying a consciousness that has created the misery in the first place. And we still do it no matter what our surface slogans are.

Our hearts have all along been patiently and compassionately witnessing the scrambling attempts of our minds to “change the world”. Again, there is nothing wrong with our minds. They are simply the incorrect key to open to door into freedom, health, wealth and joy which are the ultimate goals of “changing the world”.

Our hearts know that the present continually creates without judgment of right or wrong, good or bad, sustainable or unsustainable. Our hearts know that what IS needs to BE otherwise it would not exist. Our hearts know that life is a continual process of molding into new forms that best serve our growth as human being and as a species. Our heart does not care about who or what is right: red or blue, capitalism or socialism, global warming or climate change, rich or poor, the 99% or 1%.  The heart is about what IS now and thus surrenders the addiction to prediction, it surrenders outcome to the natural unfolding of each moment. The heart knows that change is happening with every beat of life. The heart knows that the embodiment of what is intended – and no matter WHAT is intended – naturally and effortlessly results in a new opportunity, relationship, job, system. The heart holds the key for effortless and potentially instant change because it is not engaged in the battle with what is. Most importantly, the heart is where freedom and justice naturally reside.

Collectively we have been battling and wasting many lives and energy in the mind-land looking for change and the collective heart has remained a foreign territory that we only erratically touched. We have never experienced collective freedom and justice because we never discovered and lived in the collective heart.

So, the biggest challenge for the collective mind is to release its grip and surrender to the 12 inches longest path into the heart. Walking down this path together seems a more effective use of our collective creativity rather than our focus in “changing the world” which is per se out of sync with the heart.

So, let’s surrender the “changing the world” syndrome and with an open heart accept all that is. Let’s open fully to the war zones within ourselves. Let’s open fully to the suffering, the violence, the injustices, the environmental and social collapse in the world. Let’s allow our hearts to burn with ache. Let’s embrace the individual and collective discomfort without escaping into the future. Let’s sit with all right now. Let’s sink into our being. This is the present. Each moment is the starting point and the end point. This is what is now. This is the key. This is why a heart-intelligent society, i.e. cor publicum, is not some utopian thought of the future but available now.

Walking this path takes courage, tremendous courage because we have to feel. And the mind is threatened by feeling. Our society including many of us in the “changing the world movement” are afraid of feeling and thus for the longest time we have numbed ourselves with the desire for a better future. And the future continues to be out of reach. Why? because it never is.

So, let’s free ourselves from the desire to “change the world”. Let’s rest in what is now and appreciate the juice of the experience, no matter if comfortable or uncomfortable. Let’s simply embody our choices of how we want to live this present moment as collective beings. Let’s embody in our heart the world our mind is seeking, every moment, every day, now, without needing to change anybody or anything. And let’s simply focus on what fuels our passion, our joy.

Peace is present in the midst of war and war is present in the midst of peace. Both are true, every moment. Feeling the acceptance of what is in our collective body creates spaciousness, a magical and timeless hiatus where manifestation is effortless. It creates the experience of freedom and joy from where a better moment, a better world naturally emerges.

When we let go for the need to change we find ourselves in a changed world.

Practice: engage in what makes our heart sing and breathe that music into the collective heart just because…..!!

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