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September 14, 2014

The Call of the True ISIS

0824141545With the announcement of military strikes in Syria and Obama’s call to destroy the brutal Islamic group we are again at a familiarly unknown juncture. In my recent travels to Europe I felt on my skin the reality of ISIS and its extreme brutality. In Europe ISIS felt much closer to home. Not necessarily only in terms of miles but in terms of population, the number of ISIS followers is rapidly growing in many European countries and in the political mess of the EU and its member states the task of finding a unified answer seems daunting. In a climate of cross-cultural and socio-economic tension and growing polarization where right-wing groups are gaining political power at a concerning pace in many European countries -and Ukraine, not just the Russians, is no exception – ISIS grows on fertile soil. In the US we are living in a distracting bubble of entertainment where what Lady Gaga does on stage is deemed worthy news and the daily mass sports-trance hard to break. On this side of the ocean ISIS becomes just another aspect of a “war on terror” based on the known collective cognitive distortions of US foreign politics. The bully-mentality and blatant ignorance about complex local conditions that have characterized US actions abroad for many years are equally fertilizing ISIS’s agenda to destroy what they call the “West”.

As a terrorist and criminal organization ISIS needs to be stopped through firm collective action. Yet, the question is what consciousness informs this action. If it not aligned with the collective heart, it will feed the same paradigm that created the terrorist group in the first place. What the US “war on terror” and ISIS’ war against the “West” have in common is that they are both wars against a concept and justified in the name of freedom. They both deem each other as the incarnation of “evil” and are based on self-perpetuating collective mental distortions, and as such potentially never ending. These wars are the same old soup stemming from the global social contract of res publica, founded in a mechanistic mental and survival-based view of reality of good and evil, divide and conquer, denial, scarcity, addiction to suffering and problem dependence where peace is a golden cage that becomes smaller each day. Now we do have a choice, all of us, to surrender our sheep or reactive mentality and move out of our comfort zone and take a deep look at our collective assumptions and distortions about countries, religions, terrorism and the patriarchal version of power and control. We all carry distortions no matter how evolved we declare ourselves. The opportunity is to recognize and own these distortions and as we do we elevate the consciousness of our collective body. Then, after the screams of our raging mind we will find the stillness where we can hear the call of ISIS. The call of ISIS is an authentic call. It is the quintessential call of life and death. ISIS represents the most brutal expression of polarity and the most sublime oneness. ISIS has emerged on the world scene as a cruel, vicious and violent Islamic extremist group while ISIS has been felt by many of us, especially women, as the mother of us all and the manifestation of Love for thousands of years in our Egyptian mystery schools. In the paradoxical context of our human evolution it is not surprising that ISIS is becoming known on the world stage as an example of hatred while for thousands of years it has represented pure love and remained obscure. It does not really matter whether you ever heard of and believe in the existence of this Egyptian goddess. The call of ISIS is a symbolic passage as we are moving down the messy birth canal that is giving us the gift to choose and stand collectively in the resonant field of LOVE. We have an opportunity to call out the name of the true ISIS and raise LOVE out of the shadow of systemic ignorance and let our response to the ruthlessness of ISIS be guided by our collective heart- cor publicum. This is a call to our world “leaders” and a call to leadership to all of us. This is a call to the Muslim woman and men, and women and men worldwide to have the courage to speak out in the name of the true ISIS – LOVE- and embody the foundational womb of the collective social contract of cor publicum that births our collective body into a new consciousness. LOVE as the foundation of global and local governance has been decapitated in our current systems the same way ISIS has decapitated many innocent victims. At best, LOVE is mistaken as a soft, ineffective, weak and wobbly concept incapable to protect us against danger. This is another cognitive distortion of our mind-based paradigm. The good news is that the collective heart – where LOVE has a voice – provides clarity and self-awareness about our collective cognitive distortions and courage and strength to set strong and firm boundaries. Yet, it is also the realm of the unknown where our obsessive need for control and attachment to the outcome is surrendered. And this takes courage. The reward is that the collective heart is a source for congruent-action with sustainable and long lasting results. Thus, it is time for the US to stop taking side in internal wars where at the end it finds itself having supported the very fundamentalists it fights. As long as the US is engaged in this and many other examples of incongruent actions, it will continue to scramble and lose credibility and respect around the world and feeding the cause of extremists around the world. As a starting point, let’s create more congruency in our daily lives, challenge our collective distortions and our contribution to the shadow of patriarchal power and learn to be moved by Love in that we make peace with the unknown, move out of our comfort zone, listen and take action from this new place. In this way, we feed the healthy matrix of our country and inspire the collective body of the US to truly hear the call of ISIS.

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