The Gift of Truth

for 12.28.14 blog“The truth emerges from the space in between our beliefs and convictions…”

Truth is often experienced as a debatable concept that twists and turns in the tangle of our minds. Our mind adores truth as a way to claim the “right” answer, solidify its beliefs and ensure the safety of predictability. In this sense, our world is filled with billions of mind-truths — “news” from the mind — each day and each moment. The overwhelming whirlwind of so many truths can cause us, especially when afraid, to radicalize our own beliefs in the name of truth. We declare to the world around us what we stand for, often in the name of a greater cause. This stance is meant to make us feel safer, yet ultimately increases the precariousness of our declared truths.

By now, our minds might be claiming to be different and better or fighting these words and refusing to go on. What?! My truth is valid, important, and it even saves the world from all the unevolved, wishy-washy, wrong and evil truths!? Where would the world be without my truth? Even more chaos?!

In the space of our hearts truth has a different flavor. The truth experienced in our hearts challenges us into unchartered waters. There are no words, beliefs, ideas or urgency attached, only the spaciousness of experience in the vastness of each moment. This truth emerges from the space in between our beliefs and convictions. This truth can be comfortable or uncomfortable, a whisper or a loud bang depending how long we have resisted entering “listening mode” and claimed to be brilliantly all-knowing. This truth can often push us to the edge. It can challenge us, yet ultimately leads us into humbly trusting the richness of life and experiencing peace.

The gift of a “choked” justice system in Ferguson, New York and beyond, the gift of torture committed by our collective in the name of justice and freedom, the gift of abuses and war in the name of claimed superiority, the gift of exploding health and environmental costs are just few examples of the silent truth of experience that ultimately emerges no matter what the twisted mind-truths claim. This is the gift of truth. No need to rush in proving our truth to be “right”. This truth is timeless and beyond the control of our many mind-truths.

The gift of truth stemming from our collective heart can be fierce and rock the precarious security of our beliefs and make us feel quite vulnerable as citizens, as a nation, as a global community. Yet, in time this truth is like a gentle relaxing mountain stream moving through our collective body and connecting us to the source of life. This truth is the dark pool of the unknown where life begins each moment.

It is our choice each moment which truth to access. Like a dance, there are all sorts of possible options: we can dwell in either one, shift back and forth, or reside in both at the same time. It is part of human nature and throughout the day we move many times, no matter how evolved we declare ourselves to be.

The gift of truth that emerges from our heart is sustainable and brings health to our bodies and the collective body in the long term. The wordless truth of the heart ends up finding us sooner or later, and depending how long it takes us to hear the wake-up lessons of life, this truth is less or more painful. It is never too late to start. This is the beauty of our journeys. The vastness of a moment can unravel truths that have been locked in our individual minds for decades or thousands of years in our collective minds. While the chatter of our mind-truths goes on, the experience unfolding from our collective heart will speak for itself. No need to radicalize, scream and run, only listen to the collective experience and walk accordingly.

Thus, in this New Year let’s offer ourselves and others the gift of truth. No matter where we are on our journey of discovery.

Let’s practice dancing back and forth between our mind- and heart-truth and learn the difference.

Let’s surrender the raging of what we claim to know, no matter how good it sounds.

Let’s trust the unknown emerging from the stillness and bodily experience of our hearts.

Let’s walk in beauty.

When we have the courage to let go what we believe to be true, we experience more meaningful and authentic connections, more health in our individual and collective body. Most importantly, we are offering our world the gift of peace and justice.

Happy New Year!


Morality is Love burdened by the weight of judgment. Love embraces all judgments.

Morality punishes. Love is consistent.

Morality screams for integrity. Love silently offers it.

Morality discriminates. Love discerns.

Morality is threatened by Love. Love embraces morality.

Morality is the illusion of safety. Love is protection.

Morality rules res publica. Love pervades cor publicum.

Experted from ON GOVERNANCE by Franca Baroni


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